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Metal Doctor

The New Concept Repair and Maintenance machine for Various Mold & Tool Industries.

No Shrinkage, No Heat stress, Strong Bonding, No marks, No welding Sink, No Distortion.

The Principles of Metal Doctor

a. The condenser is charged when electrode and work piece is separated.

b. Electro-spark between electrode and work piece. Only the contact area temperature will be 8000 to 25000 degrees Celcius.

c. Small quantity of the electrode is transferred tot he work piece.


1. Low Heat Input

The pulse period (Pt) is extremely short compared with the interval period(lt) so that no heat accumulation occurs during diffusion and deposition period.

2. Strong Bonding

Adhesion property level is very high, as the Electrodes spread and permeates onto the base material.

The electrode tip is momentarily heated by sparking and small quantity of the material is transferred to the base metal (mold), at the same time plasma arc created by sparking provides a strong bond.

3. On-site Repair and Operation

  - Portability and easy to operate

    Portable size machine that enable On-site repair

  - No dismatling required

    Save time and expenses, reduces machine down time

  - Precise repair

    Ability to control the coating and forming layer from few mF to few mm

  - Environmentally Friendly

    Noise, dust, gas and disposable liquids are minimal during operation 

  - Low ebergy consumption

    Uses only general power source and power source and power consumption is at maximum 1.5 KwH.

4. Functional Comparison with other methods

Metal Doctor Spot Weld Spot Weld Brush Plating Tig Welding
(Paste, Powder) (Sheet)
1. Heat Distortion A A A


2. Pin hole Filling A A x x B
3. Burr Filling A A x x B
4. Edge Overlay A x C x B
5. Deposition Speed B x C x A
6. Thickness < 3.0 mm < 0.5 mm 

< 0.4 mm

< 0.3 mm > 1.0 mm
7. Thickness Control A B B B x
8. Bond Strength A C C x A
9. Pre, Post-heating Not Required Not Required Not Required Not Required Required
10. Hand Finishing A B B B x
11. AL & CU Application B x x C C
12. Consumable Electrode* Powder Sheet Plating Sol. Electrode
13. Carbide Coating Possible Not Possible Not Possible Not Possible Not Possible


A: Best                    B: Better                    C: Acceptable                    X: Not Acceptable

* A consumable rotating electrode is transferred to dies. (The spot welding techniques place powder or sheet on dies)

*Argon shield gas reduces pin hole formation and increases bonding strength

Main Application

Applicable to various kinds of Tools and Machines including mold materials such as SKD-11, SKD-61, HP-4MA, Aluminum Alloy, S45C, Copper Alloy, STAVAX, NAK in Injection Mold, Die-Casting, Forging, Press Industrie

General Defects & Points of Metal Doctor's Application
Worn out Parting Line

- Parting Line wear outs due to repeated heating and cooling cycles.

- Wear outs due to repeated upper and lower molds collision.

Deposition and Coating on wear out part to solve the problem.

Cracks and pinholes

- High heat input causes gas pockets and cracks.

- Minor repairs that cannot be done with conventional welding.

With thinner electrodes, minor defects can be repaired.

General Maintenance - Tungsten  Carbide coating and deposition with alloy can be used for repair and maintenance of die casting machine components
Improving gas release - coating around the parting lines improves gas release as well as product quality
Improving liquid flow - After skin-cutting the affected area the applied coating prevents scuffing and improves release properties.
Cavity - Mold surface can be damaged from toxic gas like CL and HCL. Nickel and Cobalt composed electrodes are anti-corrosion and can extend mold life.

Deposit Repair

The electrode & the base metal are melted together and changed to metallurgical alloy, then mechanically welded. However, no heat accumulation occurs during diffusion and deposition period so, there are no residual and no strain.

Also can apply the deposition of any parts including Edges, Corners, Parting line, Chips & Pin holes which is difficult with normal welding.

Coating Treatment

- Coating in the surface of mold to prevent erosion, friction, and wear out from flowing molten metal.

- Extending service life of applied material.

- Coating treatment for the fine control of th Roughness.


Model : SPD-3000III

Input Voltage : 110~240v, 50~60Hz

Max Consumption (KVA) : 1.5

Secondary output (V) : 150

Max. Capacitance (mF) : 280

Frequency (Pulse m/sec) : 40~400

Size (mm)/Weight : 235x365x385 / 17 Kg


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