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PRODUCTS - Other Welding Products

Electronic Pulse Welding (Welds stronger than laser welding)

  • Portable & Light Weight
  • Safe & Easy to Use
  • Low Heat & Low Gas Consumption
  • Clean & Precise Weld
  • Suitable for All Metals
  • Maintenance Free

The Gems Electronics Puls Micro-welding Machine is specially developed for use in jewellery, medical and dental industries. It enables all kinds of welding work to be done from fabrication to new restoration repairs.

Available are 3 models (G35W / G40W / G50W) to cater for very delicate to most demanding work. Free adjustment of power and pulse guarantee precise control on the welding depth and weld-spot diameter.

Open system allows high comfort at work. the inert gas is delivered through the handpiece assuring of clean, oxide free and quality weld comparable to laser welding.

Optics systems consist of magnifying lens (3x) or microscope (10x / 20x) and electronics shutter allows welding work to be carried out automatically when contact is made with electrode-tip.