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Rocklinizer 850

The end result of this surface treatment is to indrease productivity and reduce costs. When tools and dies remain in operation without replacement due to wear, there will be less: machine downtime, operator idle time, set-up, inspection time, and the expense of new or reshapened tools and dies. These savings justify the purchase of the ROCKLINIZER.


Deposits are available from 0.0002" to 0.007" in a single application, controllable within 0.0001" by machine setting. Typical deposits are obtained from ROCKLINIZING hardened tool steel.

Model 850 / 850E includes : power supply, rotary applicator, electrode package, and operating instructions. 110-120 volt ("E" Model 220-240 volt) 50-60Hz, single phase A.C., 25 lbs (11kg)

Typical Applications

Punching, Stamping, Forging and Extruding : Stop slug pull back, reduce galling, extend time between sharpenings

Solid Carbides and Inserts : Surface seal and prevent chipping

Die Casting : Restore parting lines, prevent heat checking, soldering, seizing of cores, protect gates and runners

Plastics and Composites : Improve fabrication operations including molding, machining, trimming and protecting abrasive wear areas

Gripping and Screw Machining : (i.e. bending clamps, collets, pusher pads, feed fingers, chuck jaws) Provide a suitable textured finish and restore tolerances

Glass Processing : Molds, cut off tooling, Glass handling equipment

Perishable Tools and Dies : Reduce wear on high speed steel and carbide tooling

Wood industry : Saws, cutters, planer blades, and chipper knives

Paper Products : Die cutting knives and shear blades

Maintenance : Restore tolerances on bearings, shafts, and other wear areas

The portable Rocklinizer allows wear prevention and maintenance to be easily performed in your plant