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The ROCKLINIZER electronically applies electrode material by a spark deposition process. Material is impregnated both underneath and on top of the workpiece surface. Because no appreciable heat is generated, the temper of the workpiece is retained. ROCKLINIZING is applied to new or reground and resharpened surfaces.


  • Tungsten Carbide is applied to high speed steel and other metal surfaces to prolong useful life and reduce wear.
  • Titanium Carbide alleviates structural drawbacks of carbide tools and inserts. This seals the compressed carbide and binder particles for a homogeneous and longer lasting surface.
  • Rockhard Electrodes build up materials, reclaim undersized tools by restoring tolerances, provide gripping on collets and clamping blocks, and maintain dimensions on bearings, shafts, and other metal surfaces.


The end result of this surface treatment is to increase productivity and reduce costs. When tools and dies remain in operation without replacement due to wear, there will be less : machine downtime, operator idle time, set-up, inspection time, and the expense of new or resharpened tools and dies. These savings justify the purchase of the ROCKLINIZER.


Deposits are available from .0001" to .004" in a single application, controllable within .0002" by machine dial setting. Typical deposits are obtained from ROCKLINIZING hardened tool steel.

Model 369E.....Desposits up to .001"(approx).........26lbs. (11.8 kg.)

Model 380E.....Desposits up to .001"(approx).........26lbs. (11.8 kg.)

Model 500E.....Desposits up to .002"(approx).........32lbs. (14.5 kg.)

Model 600E.....Desposits up to .004"(approx).........49lbs. (22.3 kg.)

Input voltage : 220-240 volt, 50-60 Hz, single phase AC